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and save Taxes on your cryptocurrencies. Softlanding for individuals and businesses, tax/fiscal residency, NHR .

¡Vive como un rey!

Softland in Portugal like a KING
Softlanding in Portugal

#1 ¡Contáctanos!

Our team of experts advises you about softlanding for individuals and companies in Spanish, English, French 😉 Available online to answer your questions, as part of a softlanding experience. 

Softland in Portugal like a King

#2 Elige tu camino

Choose between Fiscal Residence, Non Habitual Resident (NHR) or opt to become a Digital Nomads. There is an advantage for everyone in Portugal! Whether individual or business we can help you set up your new life with our softlanding well oiled machine.

Softland in Portugal like a King

#3 Listo

You decided to live in Portugal and you are now a RoyalNomad! Sign your proposal and prepare your bags for Portugal. Remember, only take what you need, evrything is better in Portugal.

Softlanding in Portugal

Porque Portugal ?

¿Cómo trabajamos?

We are your bridge to the benefit of your individual investments ad business earnings.

In your softlanding we consider all types of services you might need, including introduction to the local network.

Softlanding in Portugal it is not just dealing with paperwork, it is also getting you accointed with the Portuguese culture, food, wines and it’s beautiful nature.

We help businesses with setting up operations in a new location, such as creating local company in Portugal or other countries, finding office space and hiring employees, we connect you with all the professional you or your business might need. We also offer remote office services for remote companies. 

Calidad de vida
Soft Landing in Portugal

Preparar tu Salida antes del traslado para Portugal.

Consulting and advice with the preparations before leaving the country, of previous residence, making your softalnding easy and pleasant

Softlanding in Portugal

NIF - Numero de identificacion fiscal Portugues

Request for Fiscal Number and fiscal representation in Portugal as a first step of your softlanding.

Softlanding in Portugal

Residencia efectiva en Portugal

We help you find your home and register your new address in Portugal. As part of your softlanding, wether you rent or purchase real estate property you will benefit from the non habitual residence (NHR), as part of your fiscal status in Portugal

Inscripción como residente no habitual en Portugal

Registration with the Portuguese Tax Authority , Social Security and Health care , also can be part of your softlanding experience. All depends on what type of experience you choose for yourself or your company in Portugal. 

Tipos de residencias

Residencia no habitual en Portugal

Tax residence as non-habitual resident in Portugal

Discover during your softlanding, the tax advantages that Portugal offers for individuals or businesses, crypto investors, entrepreneurs, poker professionals or retirees.

Residencia no habitual en Portugal


Apply for non-habitual residence (NHR) as an individual and enjoy all it’s benefits with our softlanding diligence.

Criptomonedas en Portugal

Discover the benefits of Portugal with the new decentralized economy and as part of the softlanding, we advise you, so you don’t need to pay tax on your investments. 

Nuestros Servicios

Choose the option that best suits your situation. Also be aware ,the most complete softlanding package is the one we setup for your needs, your family and company or business.


Pack Básico
  • NIF
  • Inscripción en portal das finanças
  • Empadronamiento en Portugal
  • Residencia no habitual (RHN)*


Pack Standard
  • NIF
  • Inscripción en portal das finanças
  • Empadronamiento en Portugal
  • Residencia no habitual (RNH)*


Pack Premium
  • NIF
  • Inscripción en portal das finanças
  • Empadronamiento en Portugal
  • Residencia no habitual (RHN)*
La residencia no habitual es un estatuto fiscal que sólo aplica a determinados profesionales en Portugal. Tendremos que analisar caso a caso.

Servicios adicionales

  • C.losing in previous country of residence

  • D7 visa (non-EU citizens)

  • banking advice

  • Cashout to €

  • Non habitual residence (RNH)

  • Representative attorney (12 months)

  • Social security number
  • Health Care registry 
  •  Certificate of Registration for EU citizens
  • Fiscal duties carried out (individuals and companies)
  • C.ommunity awareness

Apply for non-habitual (NHR) residence and enjoy all its benefits.

Move and live in Portugal with our softlanding (individuals and companies) .

You would like to live in Portugal and you know it. We help you with the softlanding and tax residence in Portugal

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